We need you! Utah Museum of Contemporary Art cannot fully serve the public without the strong support of our volunteers. UMOCA’s Volunteer Program is a great way to interact with the art community and expand your knowledge of both the contemporary local and national art scenes, as well as the daily functions of an art museum. Schedules are flexible and there are no minimum monthly hours to fulfill, and Basic Memberships are gifted to volunteers who assist 40 hours or more a year. UMOCA provides parking during volunteer shifts.

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UMOCA Volunteer Position Descriptions

Gallery Attendant:  Volunteers who enjoy interacting with the public and like to spend time among the exhibits are great for this position. Some of our exhibits are interactive and higher maintenance, and require an extra hand to patrol the galleries to answer guests’ questions, help interaction with the artwork, and ensure all pieces are functioning properly. Volunteer duties include: monitoring the collaborative art pieces in our select exhibitions, doing regular walkthroughs and checking on each piece of art in all of our galleries, and keeping a watchful eye to ensure that guests do not touch the artwork. In-between greeting patrons and answering questions about the exhibits, volunteers are welcome to bring a book and have a seat, and help keep our artwork safe! No lifting required. Four-eight hour shifts, Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Special Events: Volunteers who work special events and exhibition openings assist with set up and tear down, act as crowd liaisons, provide information about exhibitions to the public, and have a great time working with the staff to make our events successful. Special events include: exhibition openings, art talks and lectures, films, and other special events and private party functions for non-profits. These positions have flexible dates and hours, and no minimum monthly commitment is required.

Educational Programming: Volunteers with an enthusiasm for learning and teaching have the opportunity to assist at Family Art Saturdays (the second Saturday of every month, 2-4pm), school and festival visits with our mobile gallery—the Art Truck, the UMOCA craft tent at the Utah Arts Festival, and aid with other programming such as lectures and panel discussions. These positions have flexible dates and hours, and no minimum monthly commitment is required. Experience with children and art a plus.

Gallery Preparation: Volunteers who like more physical work will enjoy patching and painting walls when we change-over an exhibition as well as assisting with other preparatory duties. These positions are available every two-three months in between exhibitions during the hours of 9am and 6pm. No minimum commitment is required and this is an ideal project for small groups. Wall painting or construction experience preferred.

Office/Administrative Assistance: Volunteers who are looking for a smaller commitment, and enjoy getting out into the community, are perfect for assisting with mailings, flyer distribution, program research, and other tasks.


Most volunteer positions occur in the museum, but we do have some off-site locations, including the Utah Arts Festival at Library Square, and various schools and festivals throughout the valley with our Art Truck visits.