Upcoming Art Talks

MAY 21 | 7 PM

Who Will Guard the Guardians? Panopticon Lecture Series
“The Faceless Gaze”: The Philosophy of Panopticism
Shannon M. Mussett, Professor of Philosophy at Utah Valley University

French philosopher, Michel Foucault, made the theory of panopticism famous in his book, Discipline and Punish. In order to understand what it means to live under the panoptic gaze, Shannon will explore the historical shift from societies once based in extravagant spectacles of royal power, to one such as our own, centered in forced normalization, disciplinary training, and extreme visibility.

JUN 4 | 7 PM

Who Will Guard the Guardians? Panopticon Lecture Series
The Illusion of Freedom: Literature and the Invention of the Psychological Police State
Nathan Gorelick, Assistant Professor, Department of English Literature, UVU

This lecture will explore how eighteenth-century poetry, novels, and drama imagined the concept of “bad conscience,” providing a model of individual freedom which does not resist but actually facilitates contemporary ideologies of order, obedience, and social conformity. In essence, Gorelick argues, Enlightenment literature laid the groundwork for the present-day panopticon of the mind.

Past Art Talks

MAY 7 | 7 PM

Who Will Guard the Guardians? Panopticon Lecture Series
“The Black Box of Information”
Pete Ashdown, Founder of XMission

Join us for a guest lecture with Pete Ashdown, the founder of XMission, Utah’s first Internet Service Provider. Ashdown will discuss private and governmental monitoring on the Internet and what one can do about it.

APR 23 | 7 PM

Two Exhibitions and a Conversation
Bartholomew Ryan, Assistant Curator at the Walker Art Center

In his talk, Ryan will respond to the themes explored in UMOCA’s Main Gallery exhibition, Panopticon, by looking to two of his recent exhibitions, 9 Artists and International Pop, and their related themes. Focusing on particular artists and artworks, Ryan will consider the changing nature of surveillance, the question of self-broadcasting in an era of social networking, and the ways in which the democratization of looking can become a positive value, a means to reflect power back on itself.

MAR 25 | 7 PM

The .gif: the File that Won the Internet
Christin Aucunas

.gif animation is everywhere. It’s a quick and easy form of communication that permeates a seemingly inexhaustible array of online communities, including forums and comment sections to major brands and advertisers to, now, the art museum. How did this simple, lo-fi form of communication become so ubiquitous? This talk will explore the underlying factors and structures that elevated an element of kitschy web design to a powerful tool of connection.