Knowledge is Power!

Saturday June 21st, 9:00am – noon 

Artists, it’s time again to invest in your artistic careers.

Learn the ins-and-outs of the First Amendment, free speech and defamation. Acquire much-needed media literacy to ensure your name and your work are represented well by the press.  And finally, discover the real meaning of “fair use” under the Copyright Act so that you can avoid accusations of copyright infringement.

Knowledge is Power!

Lecture 1: First Amendment Be protected
Lecture 2: Media Literacy Get your name and your work in the press
Lecture 3: Fair Use  Stay on the right side of the law

Seating is limited
Online registration is required

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
(20 South, West Temple)


Dance Theatre Coalition Career Development

or  (801) 215-9694




A Special Thanks to Our Supporters:
Utah Division of Arts and Museums, Salt Lake City Arts Council, and Zoo, Arts and Parks.