UMOCA’s Sense/Ability tours are created for children with sensory sensitivity in mind.

Created in collaboration with Easy to Love, Hard to Raise—a parents’ support group for children with special needs—Sense/Ability aims to foster an accepting and understanding museum environment, in which sensory-sensitive children and their families will feel comfortable and included.

Each tour will be led by a trained art educator and will take place before the museum is open to the public. Educators will tailor each tour and activity to the mood of the group to create a comfortable and safe space. Sounds will be reduced, and the museum will designate a “cool down” area in case a child feels overwhelmed.




The free tours embrace a youthful perspective on the exhibitions currently in UMOCA’s six gallery spaces. The ideas that are expressed through the art will be simplified and edited by our educators in a way that that can be grasped and recreated in a specially tailored children’s art-making activity following each tour.

Sense/Ability tours are available Tuesday through Saturday between 9 – 11 AM. Please contact Erin Hartley at 801-328-4201 x124 or to schedule.

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