“…what the UMOCA really provides is an epicenter for culture in Utah.” – Foster Art Program 

“The word groundbreaking may not often be used to describe art in Utah, but in the case of the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA), it fits like Andy Warhol and Campbell’s Soup.” – The Guardian

“UMOCA is at an exciting moment in its history; its new leaders are ambitious in their vision for its programs and exhibitions and committed to deepening connections with the local, national and international contemporary art community.” – The Warhol Foundation

The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art encourages exploration through art that inspires imagination, stimulates thought, and transforms society. With exhibitions, artist’s talks, educational programming, and more, UMOCA connects people around the contemporary art practice of Utah and beyond to shape an engaged and thoughtful global citizenry.

Take a look into what we do for yourself through our blog posts, which, among other things, showcases visitors’ reactions to the museum; what the press has to say about our exhibitions and events; and our newsletter, which provides thoughtful and in-depth editorials into the goings-on at UMOCA each month.