Ignacio Uriarte: Binaries

MAR 1–JUN 15
Opening Reception MAR 1 8-10 PM | Q&A with the artist at 7 p.m.


Spanish-born, Berlin-based artist Ignacio Uriarte obtained a degree in business administration and, naturally, pursued a career in an office environment. Throughout the day, Uriarte found himself intersecting the behaviors, textures, and languages of organizational culture with the strategies and tactics of Minimalism and Conceptual art. This unconventional path led him to a bilingual artistic practice that can be understood by anyone who has either stood in an art museum or occupied a cubicle.

UMOCA’s presentation of Binaries is an immersive survey into Uriarte’s research on the formal subjects of black and white, convex and concave, handmade and mass-produced as well as fundamental issues found in routine office environments. The works and the title are a reflection on the artist’s intersection of these two practices.

Uriarte describes his own practice as a “typology of the error,” a call-and-answer between man and technology and the constant battle to accomplish an objective perfectly despite inevitable impossibility. Overall, his work is defined by a relationship to familiar rituals, set standards and unconscious actions that are built into how we navigate daily life. The parameters for any given project are predetermined by the chosen medium’s limitations and Uriarte is merely the messenger exposing the available results.

Images courtesy of
Nogueras Blanchard, Barcelona/Madrid

 UMOCA’s programming including Ignacio Uriarte: Binaries made possible in part through the generous support of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. A special thanks to the following for their kind collaboration: Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) in Madrid Galeria Nogueras Blanchard, Barcelona / Madrid Navigator Paper