MAR 2- MAY 5, 2012

Dullaart will perform one-night-only: May 11, 7-9 PM

Found By: an evening of analogital Utah curated by artist Constant Dullaart.

Featuring: Impersonations of Olivia Newton John echoed through cult classics of today and yesterday, cacophonic piano pressure, Salt Lake’s “King Kong”, a teenage travelogue, the grandparents of a boogeyman, and more…

Dutch artist Constant Dullaart wrestles within the delicate space between analog and digital. He makes works that reconcile ways to demystify technology by trying to physically enter it. Onomatopoeia is an exhibition of video works where form mimics function and meaning becomes the action itself. In the works on display we see the magical non-spaces of the internet, the standby droll before pressing play and the commonalities of our collective memories each deceptively occupied and turned into a performative zone. The work YouTube on the Floor II (2012) has been made for the occasion of this exhibition.

Onomatopoeia is being screened as part of the UMOCA ongoing video series, Looped.


Thanks to the Mondriaan Fund, Dullaart will join UMOCA for special events during the final days of his show.