Out Loud is an artistic platform for youth voices in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Through explorations in contemporary art and the creation of a museum exhibition featuring their own artwork, students build their capacity for self-expression and cultivate a sense of agency as important contributors to our society. The program promotes a brave space for interactions with peers, mentors and the greater community, helping students build positive social connections and share their experiences with others.

The course is no charge for accepted students. Space is limited. For more information, contact Elly Baldwin at elly.baldwin@utahmoca.org or call 801-328-4201 x124.



> View the 2018 Exhibition

> View the 2017 Exhibition

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4 – 7 PM | FEB 14
4 – 7 PM | FEB 21
4 – 7 PM | FEB 28
4 – 7 PM | MAR 7
4 – 7 PM | MAR 14
4 – 7 PM | MAR 21
4 – 7 PM | MAR 28
4 – 7 PM | APR 4
4 – 7 PM | APR 11
4 – 7 PM | APR 18



“I am gay and I am also Mexican-American. As someone belonging to two different minority groups, I can feel the brunt of discrimination in both ways. It’s hard. To have an institution believe in me and put my art up on their walls is incredibly validating.”


“The atmosphere of love, pride, and learning made me so happy. It saved me. It reminded me that my work could someday save kids like my fellow artists. It gave me the motivation I need to succeed.”

“Out Loud offers a space for these teens to be themselves, express their ideas, thoughts and feelings, and learn from peers and other artists. This series validates their identities and shows them that they are not alone, that there are other teens, artists and institutions, like UMOCA, who believe in them.”


Special thanks to our supporters: The LGBTQ Community Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Utah and the B.W. Bastian Foundation.