The following videos and written material are part of our Mindfulness series–A gift to all, especially our educators, during these stressful and challenging times. UMOCA applauds your hard work, ingenuity, and commitment to your students. We recognize the adaptations and sacrifices you are making this year. This series is your personal reminder to slow down and take care of yourself–mind, body, and spirit. By practicing mindfulness, we unlock our creative and imaginative potential, which your students need from you.

If you would like to receive Reimagine Learning credit for these videos, please click on the link titled “Guided Meditation Worksheet” directly below the video. Complete the worksheet and email it to Golda Dopp Ovalles at For the last video, which is a recording of a Zoom training, complete the survey linked below the video and Golda will email you a completion certificate in 1-2 business days. Each video awards ONE hour of professional learning, so by completing the entire series (all four videos), you would receive 4 credit hours.


Guided Meditation Worksheet 1

Accompanying Handout: Setting a Conscious Intention


Guided Meditation Worksheet 2

Accompanying Handout: Breath and Flexibility


Guided Meditation Worksheet 3

Accompanying Handout: Cultivating Gratitude


Watch the live Zoom Mindfulness training recording, originally held on October 12th, 2020 in UMOCA’s Street Gallery, with ceramic sculptures by artist Brad Evan Taylor.

To acquire proof of completion for viewing this training, take this survey. The survey will ask for your email address and UMOCA will then email you a certificate of completion.