To submit, please read this page and then follow the link at the bottom. Please specify that your submission is for the Projects Gallery. Starting May 1, 2014: In order to give applicants more time and flexibility in submitting their exhibition proposals, Projects Gallery submissions will have a rolling deadline.


THE PROJECTS GALLERY is Utah Museum of Contemporary Art’s initiative to promote local artists as they engage the contemporary art world locally and nationally. Situated at the front of UMOCA, the Projects Gallery is the first exhibition room that visitors encounter when entering the building. The Projects Gallery exhibits proposals entirely from Utah artists, providing them with a professional exhibition environment, prominent exposure to UMOCA visitors, and through UMOCA’s increasing national ties, the possibility of greater exposure around the country.

Applicants for the Projects Gallery should have a clear proposal for a compelling and feasible project that will fit appropriately in the space of the gallery. Artists may propose an exhibition of their own work, or a curated exhibition of artists living in Utah. We are looking for artwork that is contemporary, professionally-produced, and would be appropriate for the diverse demographic of visitors that Utah Museum of Contemporary Art enjoys. We welcome proposals in all formats –from site-specific, multi-media, or performative projects, to photography, painting, drawing, video, sound, and sculpture.

Preference will be given to proposals that engage the conceptual and material concerns of the Contemporary Art movement from approximately 1970 forward.

The Projects Gallery has cement floors and drywall walls with electrical power and lighting available.  Artists are encouraged to visit UMOCA during regular hours and check-out the space.  The gallery dimensions are as follows:

Width: 18 feet

Depth: 20 feet

Ceilings: 9 ½ feet

Total Dimension: 363 Square Feet, 61.5 Linear Feet


1. Gallery space for temporary exhibitions (proposals cannot be for permanent work and cannot cause excessive damage to gallery walls or floors).

2. Preparatorial oversight and assistance for exhibition installation;

3. Vinyl title lettering and wall labels for the pieces;

4. Insurance for artwork while it is at UMOCA; and

5. Advertising and promotion for the exhibition as an important feature of UMOCA’s offerings.


1. Gallery representation, marketing or sales services other than those described above;

2. Payments for the creation of new work;

3. Fabrication assistance (all works must be installation-ready when they are brought to UMOCA); or

4. Exhibition space for works unless they are complete and operational. Exhibitions that require daily or frequent maintenance are not suitable for the Projects Gallery.


1. UMOCA does not accept more than one proposal from an artist for each round;

2. UMOCA does not accept proposals from students;

3. UMOCA does not accept proposals from artists who have shown at the Locals Only or Projects Gallery within the last 24 months;

4. The Projects Gallery is for artists currently working in Utah.


Proposals must be submitted through Slide Room, which requires  a $10 fee (none of which is paid to UMOCA) and must contain:

1. Name, address, phone number, email, website for applicant, and specify your application is for the Projects Gallery

2. Title and description of project (what is the medium, how many pieces, what will it look like, what is the concept of the exhibition)

3. Description of project (explain the theme of the show, the types of works that will be in it, the installation of the works – if known – and the expected demographic) (100-300 words)

4. List of (proposed) artists and/or artworks that will be in the show

5. Artist or Curatorial statement (optional, if not already covered in project description)

6. Ten to twenty images (if possible) of proposed or similar works. If proposing a curated group show, provide images from each artist and websites if possible. Jpeg or PDF format ONLY.

7. Five images of past work

8. Explanation of why you are interested in doing this project/exhibition at UMOCA

9. Budget (we do not offer payment for Projects Gallery, but can, on occasion, help to defray limited out-of-pocket costs relating to the show, such as rental trucks or similar expenses directly related to installation)

10. Description of installation needs

11. CV of artist or curator applicant.

We thank all applicants for their interest. Only applicants selected for an exhibition will be contacted. Unsolicited materials will not be returned.

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