Kami Kahler edit_SmallKami Kahler is the owner of Satory Design, which offers unique, handcrafted wearable art. Specializing in fine and sterling silver pieces with precious and semi-precious stones to create one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and rings, Kahler’s work has been featured in galleries, boutiques and studios across the US and UK. Kahler is inspired by the textures of nature and enjoys using stones in her designs. Satory means enlightenment and Kahler aims to bring the enlightening aspects of nature to each of her inspiring and beautiful designs.  >View Website


Artist Statement
I have been working as a jewelry artist for seven years.  I am a self-taught silver and goldsmith.  After designing, welding and creating many statues made of steel sheet metal, I wondered: “How hard could it be it make a small piece of jewelry?”  Since my initial design, I have learned new methods for crafting and sculpting many small pieces of wearable art, such as pounding designs into the metal, with different types of hammers, etching designs into the metal with a chemical processes and electricity and using different patins to get new colors, textures and styles for my pieces.  I also enjoy searching for unique stones both faceted and rough to give the piece more meaning.  In addition to constantly learning and discovering new techniques and methods, I look to nature and ancient as well as modern art for inspiration in creating a new piece.  However, I do not look solely to these places, in fact, I like to build relationships with my clients, getting to know them and what they prefer in their custom made piece.  With a Satory Designs piece, the client receives not only a piece of jewelry, but also a reflection of themselves in their new favorite piece of art.