SEP 5 | 7 PM

Join us as international artist Glenn Weyant shares his experience creating The Anta Project, a sonic collage played on the US/Mexico border wall separating Nogales, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico.

The Q&A with Tucson-based artist Glenn Weyant will focus primarily on his sonic collage, the Anta Project  (2006-2013) that is currently playing at the UMOCA as a part of the In Motion: Borders and Migration show. Weyant created the piece by first acoustically playing the metal wall and other ephemera at the Nogales, Arizona border and then digitally layered these sounds on his laptop. Some of the topics that will be explored in this discussion with the artist will include the ways in which the Anta Project complicate the notions of borders by using it as a tool of creation and unity, and how his collapsing of time and sound make the piece applicable to audiences beyond the site of its origin.

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