January 25, 2019 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
20 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City
UT 84101
MUSEUM-WIDE OPENING RECEPTION @ Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Join the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art for a museum-wide opening reception featuring the work of local and national artists. 

Friday, January 25 | 7-9 PM

Main Gallery: Shady Acres

The suburban proliferation in the United States occurred during the years following World War II. Returning soldiers sought affordable housing for their sprouting families and new neighborhoods on the outskirts of major cities implied a promise of a better life. Improved automobiles, better roads, and updated public transportation systems provided reliable commuting options for Suburbanites. Schools, hospitals, malls, and restaurants popped up, creating little need for residents to go downtown.

Being miles outside of the city limits also formed a feeling of innocence, safety, and security. The suburbs lacked the diversity found in urban centers, providing a social segregation that many people moving to the suburbs found appealing.

With the current trend of suburban residents moving to larger cities, what will become of the aging suburbs? Are rising housing prices forcing urban residents out of the cities? If they move to the suburbs, will they benefit from the construct that initially drew the families of the 1950’s?

The artists in Shady Acres use the suburbs to explore their complicated relationship a place that has shaped who they are and their understanding of the world around them.

Projects Gallery: Greg Caldwell: Neighborhood

Street Gallery: Mike Simi: Gettin’ By

Are you more likely to consider something once you’ve laughed at it?

Take a common, highly recognizable object and isolate it. What do you see? Simi’s work takes the world around us out of context, forcing a quiet spin on a predictable reaction. It creates a diffusion layer between one’s personal experience and the generic nature of branding, language, and imagery. In particular, this body of work attempts to question the poetics of interaction — presenting everyday experience in a way that contradicts common expectation. As an artist, Simi strives to explore the relentless struggle: balancing the world of spirit with the average lives we live in contemporary society.

Codec Gallery: Lenka Clayton: Under These Conditions

Lenka Clayton’s work breaks down and reconstructs everyday situations and commonplace objects. In doing so, she helps us to reimagine our understanding of things we encounter and interact with on a daily basis.

For Driving Home, she uses a typewriter, and it’s left to right movement to draw her way home. Hyphens, carats, and backslashes become roads, trees, and houses that pass by while looking out of the window, making the mundane whimsical in the process.

The series, The Distance I Can Be From My Son, tests the comfort level of both mother and child while measuring the distance between them. At what point does the child feel the urge to return to the mother and when does the mother run after the child? When are you both okay with letting go? Clayton’s simple experiment illustrates a familiar theme in the relationship between a mother and her child.

AIR Space: Jacob Haupt: Ultra Force