Four Summer Exhibitions Opening Reception

June 29, 2018 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
20 S W Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Suggested $5 donation
Teri Mumm

Main Gallery: Working Hard To Be Useless

Based on the Situationist International art movement of the 1950’s-1970’s, artists examine the effects of urban design. Although there are positive aspects of the current push for urban development and densification of city centers, the questions of who benefits from that development and who does it negatively affect arises. Public spaces become less public with the inclusion of well-designed but also well hidden “defensive architecture,” dictating who can and cannot use the space. Walkability, which is defined by the final destination and not by the act of leisurely wandering the city, is touted as the ultimate goal, but walkability to where and why? To work, to shopping centers, or to public parks? Does use become prescribed in these new spaces? If so, how do we react to these restrictions? The artists in Working Hard to be Useless carry on the practices of the Situationists, incorporating their strategies as a way to evaluate current urban design and growth.


Projects Gallery: SLUG Retrospective: 30 Years Under the Influence

Much in the same way the Situationist International agenda was adopted into the punk music scene in London during the mid to late 1970’s, SLUG, whether knowingly or unknowingly, filtered similar ideas and aesthetics into their representation of Salt Lake’s counterculture beginning in the late 1980’s. This exhibition explores the Situationist lineage, the history of SLUG magazine, and the lasting effect both have on Salt Lake’s underground scene.


AIR Space: Alison Neville: M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction)

M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) consists of two parts: a mixed media sculpture series and a coloring book. Both explore how governments are perfecting a means to kill through nuclear testing programs and simultaneously inform their people through public education programs. The testing is done as a means of protecting the people but the end result is a mutated global foreign policy.


ED Space: Educator-In-Residence Josh Samson: The Identity Project

What is your identity? Or what is “identity” for that matter? Not meant to define identity, but instead, this project creates an opportunity to inspire conversations and reflection about the identities we all hold: those assigned to us, those we are expected to follow, and those that are truest to ourselves. The question remains: What is your identity?

At Your Table – Severed | 7PM

Has technology seduced us into empty communal affiliation at the cost of individual humanity and relationships?

Brolly Arts will present the 2018 performance of At Your Table – Severed during UMOCA’s upcoming Opening Reception: Four Summer Exhibitions.

This year’s At Your Table – Severed, asks if technology has seduced us into empty communal affiliation at the cost of individual humanity and relationships?

At Your Table began with the idea that sharing a meal with others is a way of connecting both with people we know and people we don’t know through food, dialogue, and experience. A table is a widely recognized icon where meals, conversation, and gatherings occur. At Your Table illuminates the idea that a table can connect to those who may or may not seek out art or art experiences. It uses art as a community engagement medium in a variety of locations to promote broader conversations around issues, ideas, identity and sense of place. At Your Table is a compelling twist to the idea that people go to a venue to see or experience an art form. Rather, we bring art to the people at places where organic connections and conversations can occur.

At Your Table is comprised of a large rectangular table that can be placed alone or in a setting along with other tables set for eating, sitting, etc. The event takes place on and around the table. Dancers perform 1-3 pieces at random times (really planned times but random to community participants).

There will be opportunities for conversation with community members around ideas that this year’s At Your Table – Severed brings forth.


Sam Milianta’s short film “Another Day on Earth” | 7PM

Shot throughout Salt Lake City and San Francisco on Super 8M, “Another Day on Earth” is as much about skateboarding as it is about the moments in between. Milianta documents his friends and the cities they wander through with a handheld style that eschews the typical close up “fisheye lens” used in most skateboarding videos. This style allows the camera to flow similarly to the actions of the skateboarders, creating a cohesive film that reinforces the idea of movement and play that are inherent in the act of skateboarding.