Emily King uses pencil, charcoal, and oil paints to create compelling images that range in subject from family lifestyles to childhood renditions of dolls and princesses. Through her imagery, King explores the various relationships and gender roles that take place in our society today. For one series, King focuses on her own unique version of the Disney princesses that were so influential to her as a child.  She exposes the princesses’ enchanting sparkle through painterly brush strokes and do-it-yourself craft components, which dramatize the princesses’ kitschy qualities. Her works are an effort to explore the relationship between the ideal (princesses) and the real (you and I). As King explains, “Waltzing forward in time, it seems that a simple ‘poufy dress-and-glass-slippers’ solution has not been able to sustain the demands and complications in the life of a real and grown-up woman.”   >View Website