UMOCA invites you to celebrate 90 years of contemporary art in Utah!

In 1931, a flyer for the opening of a new building known as the Art Barn proudly declared: “This Art Center Belongs to You!” While many things have changed over the subsequent 90 years, including the name, one thing has not – the philosophical emphasis on community, education, inclusion, support of artists, and an insistence that art be relevant and address the social issues of the day. For 90 years, UMOCA’s supporters have made the Museum a place where artists and audiences connect in bold, meaningful ways.

The heritage of innovation, bravery, and commitment put forth by UMOCA has lead to a deep invest in our community, making a lasting impact on the lives of local artists and visitors. Our rich history, relevant exhibitions, and powerful public programming are possible because of the generous support of our donors.

You are in a unique position to empower, educate, and inspire through your gift to UMOCA.


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