Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
20 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101





Michael Aberman Graphic Designer 114 michael.aberman@utahmoca.org
Kristian Anderson Executive Director 113 kristian.anderson@utahmoca.org
Elly Baldwin Curator of Public Engagement 124 elly.baldwin@utahmoca.org
Erin Hartley Art Educator 110 erin.hartley@utahmoca.org
Lori Johnson Controller 117 lori.johnson@utahmoca.org
Kevin Lucey Preparator 112 kevin.lucey@utahmoca.org
Teri Mumm Marketing Director 115 teri.mumm@utahmoca.org
Tara J. Olson Visitor Services Director 122 tara.olson@utahmoca.org
Jared Steffensen Curator of Exhibitions 121 jared.steffensen@utahmoca.org
Michelle Sulley Development Coordinator 116 michelle.sully@utahmoca.org

Please contact the following people for Public Programming and Services:

Art Shop – Tara J. Olson
Facility Rental – Tara J. Olson
School Tours – Elly Baldwin
Art Truck – Erin Hartley
Press Request – Teri Mumm


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