The Cardinal Rule: Please Do Not Touch the Art

So you want to touch the art… I understand—art is alluring, especially when it’s constructed with materials that shine, move, swirl, jiggle, or have a thrilling texture. But touching the art causes more damage than most people realize. It is our duty as museum staff to preserve and keep safe the artworks that are displayed […]

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Artist Interview: Mike Lee

Mike Lee, UMOCA’s most recent A-I-R Space artist, spent his childhood in both rural Japan and Utah, splitting his national identity into a cultural and spiritual dichotomy. This split led Lee to attempt to reconcile this dichotomy, drawing inspiration from amassing information, both visual and non-visual, through obsessive internet searches. In 2015, he graduated with […]

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Jodi exploring Alyce Carrier's "Old Work" in UMOCA's Projects Gallery

Contemporary Reactions: Mundane Intimacy

Alyce Carrier’s exhibit, Old Work, in the Projects Gallery has received an array of reactions, but the majority of patrons’ comments reflect on how clever and profound her work can be. By incorporating 3-D sculptures, prints, and a stop-animation film, Carrier is able to speak to viewers on many different levels. Jodi, a visitor to […]

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Photo: James Walton

Artist Interview: Leeza Meksin

Working with fabrics such as spandex, latex and toole, artist Leeza Meksin transforms buildings into bodies, structures into architectural drag, and fabric into stark statements about the falseness of binaries. Meksin demonstrates the fragility of the gender binary—the Western idea that there are only two genders in this world: man and woman—by challenging the ways […]

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Artist Interview: Tove Storch

Tove Storch | Interview (Draft) Tove Storch is one of six artists currently displayed in UMOCA’s exhibit, Object[ed]: Shaping Sculpture in Contemporary Art, which explores how visual artists use three-dimensionality as a language to reframe and expand notions of objecthood. Storch, who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, creates conceptually-based sculptural works that often involve […]

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Artist Interview: Lizze Määttälä

Lizze Määttälä’s practice reflects the abstract flexibility of unexpected materials. She explores forms and patterns based on the fleeting fluidity of memory. As a natural rummager of salvages, junkyards and flea markets, Määttälä turns unexpected materials into stunning structures and mixed media compositions. Uphill/Both Ways, currently on display in UMOCA’s Object[ed] exhibit, is about fragments […]

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A "whereABOUTS" map from an Art Truck visit, created by James W.

UEA Convention

This Thursday and Friday, Oct 20-21, join UMOCA in the KUED Kids Exploration Corner at the UEA Convention! Explore STEAM and Literacy themes based on UMOCA’s current exhibitions while hanging out with your favorite PBS Kids characters and other fabulous community organizations. Participate in a hands-on mapping activity from our “whereABOUTS” Art Truck project. Families […]

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Artist Interview: Cara Krebs

Sehnsuct: “the inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what”; a yearning for a far, familiar, non-earthly land one can identify as one’s home. Cara Krebs is our current A-I-R Space Artist from our Artist in Residence Program. Sehnsuct is an exhibit of installations, sculptures, and materials that toy with displacement, perception, […]

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What Our Interns Have To Say

UMOCA prides itself on providing members of our community with interests in museums and the arts with door-opening opportunities. Our internship programs offer a variety of temporary work placements in numerous departments of the museum, from Front Desk and Marketing to Curatorial and Graphic Design, our interns get real-life, hands-on experience in their future fields. […]

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