Between Panels: Collaborative Exquisite Corpse Drawing Experience
AUG 29 – SEP 12


How would you define contemporary storytelling? Do comic books fit within that definition?  With the depth of story and character development found in most comic books and graphic novels, does that distinction need to be made anymore? For Between Panels, local comic book artist and illustrator, Brandon Dayton, brings together a group of similarly minded artists to examine the art of the comic book, the stories told within, and the process by which they are created. Join us August 29th for a live collaborative exquisite corpse drawing experience by this group of artists to see how they respond to each other’s way of drawing and storytelling.



Brandon Dayton:
Dayton is a Salt Lake City resident who has created several prolific animation and concept art projects for EA Games and Disney Infinity.

Matthew Armstrong:
Currently residing in Sugar House, Armstrong illustrates books such as, “The Chronicles of Narnia Pop-Up” book and develops video game concept art for Disney Infinity.

Derek Hunter:
Hunter is an award-winning artist through his background design work of Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time,” and other comics and storybooks.

Ryan Ottley:
Ottley has published a numerous amount of works such as short stories for AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” interior issue 1 of DC Comic’s Superman/Batman and a cover for Chucky Devil’s Due.

Tim Odland:
At the present Odland is a graphic designer and illustrator for headphone powerhouse Skullcandy, as well as a comic artist.