APR 11 – JUN 9, 2012

ARTbytes Community is an intensive program between the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art and Neighborhood House that teaches contemporary art making for 3rd – 6th grade youth.

Hidden is an exhibition documenting a performance at the Salt Lake City Main and Chapman branch libraries. In preparation for the performance, youth participated in a series of workshops focusing on the role of language and text in contemporary art.

For their final project, students were asked to create short salutations, compliments, wishes, thoughts, and hopes for others.  These writings were then hidden by the youth within the pages of hundreds of books throughout the libraries. Each child was essentially being asked to create a message in a bottle, offering the possibility that library patrons might find these works at a later date and enjoy the serendipitous moment of connection.

This type of practice links with relational artworks that consider human engagement and social contexts. The project was designed around goals identified as critical to the ARTbytes program included literacy, increased engagement with community, civic responsibility, and positive self-esteem building.

Thank you to the Salt Lake City Public Library and Neighborhood House for their partnership   and support.

Photographs by Christine Baczek

Special thanks to the following sponsors for their generous support.

Salt Lake City Arts Council, JP Morgan Chase, Utah Arts Council, Art Works For Kids!, Hearst Foundation, Hemingway Foundation, Staples Foundation, Gardner Foundation.