The only traveling educational art exhibit of its kind in Utah, the UMOCA Art Truck brings exciting and accessible contemporary art, created by leading local and national artists, directly to schools and community venues across the state free of charge.

Each on-site visit by the Art Truck includes the expertise of a trained museum art educator who leads students through a meaningful exploration of the current exhibition. Teachers are provided with structured lesson plans to supplement their tour and incorporate the Art Truck more deeply into their curriculum.


Art Truck 2018-2019

Salt, Sage & the Aspen Grove
Céline Downen 

Salt Lake City artist Céline Downen transforms the Art Truck into a forest of memories and stories constructed from natural found-objects, prints of native flora and cyanotype murals. The exhibition is inspired by Pando, or the Trembling Giant, a grove of quaking aspen trees in Fishlake National Forest in Utah that is one of the world’s largest and oldest single living organisms. Pando reproduces by growing cloned trees from its massive root system, although environmental factors currently threaten the survival of this natural wonder.

Downen draws on the role of diversity in building strength and resilience in communities to piece together an immersive installation from collected materials and botanical images. Motivated by the belief that our own backyards are sources of inspiration and creativity, Downen invites visitors of all ages to participate in art-making and conversations about our interconnections with each other and our natural environment.


Upcoming Public Appearances

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The Art Truck is available free-of-charge for a wide variety of educational and charitable purposes.

For more information or to request a visit by the Art Truck, contact Erin Hartley at or call 801-328-4201 x 110.


Past Art Truck Teacher Guides

2017-18: Maria Molteni

2016-17: Jaime Salvador Castillo & Michael Anthony García

2015-16: Mary Toscano

2014-15: Meridith Pingree

2013-14: Calder Kamin

2012-13: Carlos Rosales-Silva

2011-12: Peter Everett



Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks; The Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Family Foundation; Salt Lake City Arts Council; Utah Division of Arts & Museums; and Driftwood Auto Body.


“The Art Truck is a great way to expose my students to different ideas, concepts, people and experiences.”
“Great content and diverse information to intrigue all ages and abilities.”
“Erin was lovely, knowledgeable and kind. Students were thrilled for the personal lesson, and loved the dynamic activity. Thank you very much for making this a priority in our community. Students benefit from your program, and I am a wholehearted supporter!”
“The Art Truck was an awesome experience for the students. My classes loved the hands-on learning outside the classroom.”
“My students came back excited and talking about it!”