Work: An Audio-Visual Exploration of Effortful Lives
Presented by: Framework Arts, KRCL Community Radio, and the students and families of Escalante Elementary School

Framework Arts transforms UMOCA’s Art Truck with Work: An Audio-Visual Exploration of Effortful Lives. Work is a collective, participatory art project generated by the students and families of West side neighborhoods of Salt Lake City. Students investigated the concept of work in all its forms and use a broad storytelling framework to present it through sound and images. They ask and answer such questions as, What does work look like at home? What kind of work do you help me do to be a good student and family member? What job did you want when you were my age? What kind of job do you hope I have one day? Work invites viewers of all ages to participate in this storytelling effort with hands-on activities, audio experiences, and conversations about what work looks like and feels like for all of us. KRCL Community Radio produced the audio portion of this project.