Creer Auditorium: APR 23 | 7 PM

Bartholomew Ryan is assistant curator in the visual arts department of the Walker Art Center. Throughout his career Ryan has sustained an open-ended look at contemporary art – both inside the Walker and out.

Bart Ryan 23rdt Talk2012 Interview with Temporary Art View:
Ryan: “My curatorial approach is very relational and adaptable, which is a firm position in its own right. I think it happens to all the Walker Visual Arts curators where people ask us what our specialty is, and there are certain curators who have really strong backgrounds in prints, photography, or film for example, but I think what aligns us is a contemporary outlook. At the Walker, there is an attention to scholarly detail and that type of rigor, but our approach is also amenable to the context of the artist we are working with and what they bring to the table.

The way I like to work is to be adaptable to an artist’s way of working and then engage them to a certain degree in the way that they wish to be engaged. This approach doesn’t mean I abandon all ideas of an audience, but you have to give yourself a little bit to their practice, and those practices are invariably very different. In the world we live in now, which is so horizontal and full of information, each artist you work with has a deeply subjective cannon that they draw from; it is not like we are all working from the same textbook.”


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