Patric Bates

Patric Bates prints tell stories that at a glance breath light-hearted adventure. Flowing drafted lines and soft, almost dull hues create flat illustrations that overlap as the narrative unfolds. As the viewer reads into the picture the layering of morose characters brings the adventure into sorrowful depths of hardship and struggle. Bates brings new vitality to classic Brother’s Grimm ideals.”Portfoilo



John Bell

Nationally emerging artist John Bell explores multiple movements of contemporary art all at once, creating a hallmark painting style that comments broadly on sociopolitical issues, the impact of social media, and the ever-fluctuating values of contemporary culture. Bell, lauded as an “indiscriminate genre-blender” fuses abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, pop art and many other artistic styles. He employs recurring images of iconic popular culture, snippets of news feeds, and social media references set against a brightly hued color palette, hard-edge, tense geometric lines and ethereal back drops. John Bell lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah. His work has been placed in many private collections throughout the U.S. and Europe. He has exhibited in countless group and solo exhibitions, including Art Basel, Miami, New York’s Time Warner Center, Southern Nevada Museum of Art, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City,



Anna Campbell

Bliss Anna Campbell Bliss explores the visual world seeking connections between poetry and mathematics, nature and the constructed environment. Often the most exciting ideas emerge at the intersection where more than one discipline meets. Interest in the Art/Science/Technology connection developed at MIT with Gyorgy Kepes and continues today to provide a broad base for my work. Art History studies at Wellesley and architecture at Harvard were equally influential. Working within an abstract painting tradition, screenprinting became important for the exploration of color and later in combination with computer



Trent Call

Trent Call was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Graduated from the University of Utah in 2004 with a BFA. He has been publishing the zine, Swinj,since 1998. He is actively involved in a diversity of ongoing projects. Trent’s work combines formal academic painting with comics, graffiti, and popular culture. He currently works out of CAPTAIN CAPTAIN Studios in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City. His interests range from daily phenomena, odd occurrences, history, myth, documentation of the moment, color relationship, the early American west, media culture, symmetry and sequence in pattern, and 1930′s comics & animation. He frequently work with, screen printing, oil painting, latex paint, ballpoint pen, lead, collage, and spraypaint which allows a fresh and honest translation of his interests and



Kathleen Carricaburu

“Through the lenses of culture and history, my jewelry translates a lifetime love of the natural world and its nuances into artisan jewelry referencing the beauty of nature. These art pieces are made to engage the wearer with the environment and inspire personal meaning. They decorate the body as a reflection of health and beauty, increasing the wearer’s strength and vitality – to help, to heal and to entertain. My jewelry supplies the wearer with energy for their own delight.” Kathleen has a BFA from the University of Utah in painting and drawing and graphic design. She received an MFA in metal smithing/jewelry from New Mexico State University in December 2010. Her studies in metal also include three years of advanced small metals at the University of Utah and studies at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. She has exhibited her metal work and painting with the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake Art Center, Finch Lane Gallery, Sundance Gallery, Coda Gallery, Alpine Art and Las Cruces Museum of Art.



Annika Q. N. Dimeo

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Annika demonstrated a love for art from her first day in the classroom. As the school bell rang, she remained bent over her desk, focused on doodling and drawing. Her parents were attentive to this developing love/distraction and enrolled Annika in the Visual Art Institute, where real exploration could begin. The long path to metal work met winding dalliances with acrylic, charcoal and photography, until she found her ideal medium: through metal work, Annika could express and design using materials that felt like truth, using the body as a canvas to adorn. She has been able to fuse the influences of her past, present and future, her father’s art, the passion for travel and exploration exhibited through her mother, her sister’s affinity for fashion and style, the encouragement and belief in her potential from her husband, as well as her beautiful friends’ eagerness to model and promote her wares. Through this, Annika mustered the confidence to begin exhibiting her designs and creations through social media, markets, art exhibits and choice local boutiques in hopes to one day begin educating and encouraging others to express themselves through the arts.

Annika Q.N. Dimeo


Celine Downen

My current series focuses on the ever-changing built environment. It started with the unearthing of some old negatives of Bill and Nada’s Café, a classic greasy-spoon diner in Salt Lake that was demolished after Bill’s death in 1999. Standing on the empty lot that once held my favorite 2AM-on-Saturday-morning-after-a-night-out spot, I was inspired to begin preserving these places the only way I could, through the lens of my camera. Through photography I’ve found a way to document our disappearing cultural landscape. I’ve spent the last several years chronicling old drive-in movie theatres, motel signs, and other commercial and cultural artifacts of an earlier era that linger in the corners of our modern world. Dorothea Lange once said, “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” This is my vision of the artifacts of yesterday, captured and preserved so they may always be here today.


Cindy Ferguson

Cindy Ferguson was born and raised in Las Vegas to a German Cocktail Waitress and a Californian Black Jack Dealer. She won her first art competition in 5th grade by drawing dancing, caroling moose for a Christmas card. Cindy graduated with a degree in Design from BYU in 1999 and has worked as a graphic designer since then. In May of 2006, she went to visit her grandparents in the small German town of Hermuthausen. In their sitting room, they had a few traditional Scherenschnitte on the wall. The simple beauty and intricacy of the pieces inspired her to create her own. Her favorite project so far has been to work in the Tower of London for a month creating eight large papercuts for their Children’s Education Room. Currently, she works and lives in Salt Lake City with her dog, Starla.



Joshua Flicker

For any artist, the work that they create is a response to the world around them. My response comes in a form of mimicry. I mimic traditional ceramics forms such as bowls, teapots, and vases. However, I try to create them in ways that make them resemble other materials: materials that I find visually compelling, and items that I come into contact with each and every day. I try to create a bowl that mimics the look of stone or wood. I create teapots that mimic metal canisters with all manner of pipes and bolts and gaskets. It is my hope that by combining the traditions of ceramics with more modern approaches to the construction of clay that I am leaving my own unique artistic response to the world around me.
Josh Flicker bowl


Ernest Gentry

Ernest Gentry was raised in Clinton, Mississippi. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in ceramics from the University of Mississippi in 2004. In 2010 Ernest received a Master of Fine Arts with emphasis in ceramics from Utah State University. Ernest Gentry currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and works and teaches at Red Kiln Pottery. These ceramic vessels are based on the influence of numerous historic and contemporary implements include multicultural metal objects such as: Nigerian currency, Chinese bell coins, Corinthian armor, and Victorian motifs. Ernest extracts formal aspects of these objects as inspiration for the synthesis of ceramic vessels. Each piece is designed and thrown on a potter’s wheel. High contrast glazes are used to offset pieces from one another.


Ilona Gruber

Ilona Gruber is an artist originally from Ukraine. From an early age she has had a genuine interest in art and is able to create a wide variety of art work spontaneously. She has a natural understanding and appreciation of art work that is aesthetically beautiful. This can be seen in her jewelry that transforms copper, beads, and precious stones into unique pieces of wearable art. High aesthetics and innovation are important to her practice and are demonstrated through each individual statement piece. Her jewelry catches the eye and creates a beautiful juxtaposition of industrial and natural materials.


Isaac Hastings

Isaac Hastings is an up-and-coming artists and native to Salt Lake City, Utah. He works out of Poor Yorick Studios, a local art studio space, and is both a painter and woodwork specializing in hardwood knot “faces”, jewelry, and fine handcrafted accessories.


Hastings bangles


Holly Jarvis

Holly Jarvis was born in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, England in 1989. She studied painting at Weber State University and in 2012 received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Since graduation, Holly has shown across Utah and has been collaboratively working with other local artists, forming O-Town Arts–an organization consisting of young artist-curators who are based in Ogden, Utah. Holly lives and works in Ogden.“In my work, I am concerned with spatial relationships, boundaries (or non-boundaries) and narratives that emerge from oversimplified expressionist forms. The incoherent “interiors” of my paintings read as mental and physical landscapes. Lately, I have been experimentally working with the materiality of collage, vinyl stickers, wood, twine, foil, paint and other materials.”

Red #1_Jarvis_Holly_3


Calder Kamin

Calder Kamin is an artist and art administrator in Kansas City, MO. Kamin’s fabricated fauna and public projects investigate our complicated relationships with animals. Kamin holds a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. She has returned to KCAI as an Academic and Career Advisor, responsible for the Professional Practice programming. Kamin is a 2011-2013 Charlotte Street Foundation Urban Culture Project Studio Resident, and is the recipient of an ArtsKC Inspiration Grant, Charlotte Street ArtThrough Architecture Missouri Bank Crossroads ArtBoard, and a Bread KC award. Kamin currently has an installation in UMOCA’s Art Truck. Postcards and porcelain bird sculptures can be found for purchase in UMOCA’ Art Shop.

windowstrikes 2


Christopher Kelly

Christopher Kelly is currently a candidate seeking a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah. He enjoys constructing things with his hands. By abandoning preliminary planning, design, and engineering Christopher’s work questions understanding of structure and order through an evolving, instinctive process. Christopher’s current work ranges from large-scale, immersive spaceship installations to miniature-scale, geometric wood jewelry.



Emily King

I spent much of my childhood infatuated with the Disney princesses. I liked to watch them sing, swirl, and swoon over princes. They loved animals. They were beautiful. They had a simple existence, much like my own at the time. Waltzing forward in time, it seems that a simple poofy-dress-and-glass-slippers-solution has not been able to sustain the demands and complications in the life of a real, and grown-up woman. The postcards were an effort to explore the relationship between the ideal (princesses) and the real (me and you).


Danielle Leatham

Danielle Leatham has been drawing, sketching and writing lists of the things she loves her entire life. In 2005, she obtained a bachelors degree in interior design. While in school she began hand rendering, and painting with watercolors and screen printing. These mediums have become her passion. Danielle believes that people’s lives are expressed in the little details of their homes. This is the inspiration for her artwork. She has been selling her work for others to enjoy for the past year, you can find it at local art and craft shows, and online.

Etsy Shop



Jimmy Lucero

Salt Lake City artist Jimmy Lucero, who teaches painting and drawing at the University of Utah and Westminster College was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA. Jimmy obtained a B.S. in Biology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA and worked in science labs at UC Davis and Stanford University. After moving to Salt Lake City, Jimmy obtained his BFA (2001) and MFA (2003) from the University of Utah. In addition to teaching and developing his own artwork, Jimmy mentors future artists through public art projects including the “Bridges Over Barriers” (BOB) mosaic and mural project on the I-15 underpass and various “337” projects including “Contemporary Masters” at the Salt Lake Art Center. Jimmy is a social activist and avant-garde artist whose art depicts the plight of undocumented workers and border issues. Jimmy paints with passion towards his goal of giving a voice to those who do not have access.



Katie Mann

My name is Katie Mann. I graduated from SLCC with a degree in Visual Art/Design and Photography Emphasis. When creating my art or photography I believe you are limited only by your imagination. And it’s important for me to inspire others with my creative art expressions. My Ecsentrik vintage art designs come from the 1960’s using Dr. Ph. Martin ink dyes. I am highly influenced and inspired by Art from Don Weller and Peter Max. I use the name Ecsentrik because it means “unafraid and uninfluenced by the opinions of others”. I hope to inspire others to not be afraid to put their artistic, creative and different ideas out into the world.


Alexis Mattox

Alexis Mattox Design began in Fall 2011 to provide beautiful laser-cut stationery to customers who realize a handwritten note is more than a piece of paper. Striving to design stationery that is both elegant and unique, Alexis Mattox Design has grown quickly, providing laser-cut cards to stationery lovers all over the world. Alexis Mattox Design has since expanded its repertoire to include hand bound books and fine jewelry. Alexis Mattox, the founder of the company, finds inspiration in classical subjects with modern elements. She studied industrial design and studio art from Brigham Young University and seeks to combine technology with traditional craftsmanship to create quality products that inspire and delight.



Michael McGlothlen

Jewelry made by Michael McGlothlen features reclaimed bicycle materials from the Bike Collective to create elegant and low-impact jewelry. With nearly 15 years of experience as professional bicycle mechanic, Michael McGlothlen has dedicated almost half his life to his passion for cycling. During his time in the industry, Michael has cultivated his craft as a mechanic on almost every style of bicycle imaginable, and brings this craftsmanship to his bike-part jewelry. McGlothlen is also known for creating large site-specific sculptures and has exhibited in the Salt Lake Art Center, the Leonardo Museum, the original 337 Project, the Pickle Company, and other galleries across the US.


Kali Mellus

Kali Mellus began experimenting with resin in 2002 while attending college for a degree in art. What started as a way to create jewelry for herself eventually became a full time job. In 2004 Mellus was able to quit her day job, began crafting full time and established her brand Bykali. Mellus turns everyday objects such as hardware, leaves, plaster, and tape into pendants, buckles and wearable art. “My goal is to create something innovative and unique by using unconventional materials.” Mellus also creates leather belts and bracelets to compliment her pieces. You can find Bykali online at and locally at art and craft shows from Park City to Provo.


Elizabeth Ann Miklavcic

Elizabeth Miklavcic has been studying, investigating and experimenting with digital painting for eleven years. Her E-Scape paintings were selected for the Art Access/VSA Utah; group exhibition, Landscape: Shaken Gently with a Twist, March 19-April 9, 2010. VSA is an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Elizabeth was nominated for a 1992-1993 Utah Arts Council Visual Art Fellowship. The fellowship exhibition, View of Nine, was held at the Salt Lake Art Center April 3-May15, 1992. Her performance art installation, Chrysalis, was exhibited in February 1986 at the Salt Lake Art Center simultaneously with James Pigeon’s installation, and she participated in the Art Center’s 1986 lecture series. Elizabeth Miklavcic is the Artistic Director of Another Language Performing Arts Company. Her artistic influences are filled with motion through the experience of dancing and performing since the age of four. Her E-Scape digital works are surrealistic, motional landscapes of the imagination. These two-dimensional images evoke a three-dimensional feeling, as if one could enter the surrealistic environment.



NicAnnette Miller

Nic Annette Miller was born and raised in Ogden, Utah. In 2009 she earned a BFA in Graphic Design and Printmaking from Utah State University. Since then Miller has been working as a graphic design freelancer as well as a fine artist exploring the mediums of woodcut, screen printing, letterpress and sculpture. Miller’s trademark attention to detail is evident in her stationary line, which is individually hand printed with whimsical touches. She currently lives in Salt Lake City with her human and canine best friends Tracy, Sheila and Mate.



Blake Palmer

Blake Palmer was born and raised in los angeles, california. He graduated from Fullerton Aollege with a degree in graphic design and illustration. He has overcome many obstacles in life including dyslexia. Blake works as a full-time graphic designer and currently resides in northern Utah where he enjoys all this state has to offer. Blake is a man of many talents: painter, awesome mustache wearer, illustrator, photographer, BMX super star, restorer of vintage cars, metal sculptor, craftsman, and clothing designer. Palmer likes to use different mediums. He works with acrylic paints, vintage wallpaper, wax, fabric, metal, xerox transfers, charcoal, pencil, chalk and whatever he can get his hands onto.



Cat Palmer

Cat palmer studied photography from 1995-1999. She grew up in orange county, California. Cat used to only shoot 35mm black and white, but she joined the “dark side” of professional digital in 2005. It will never truly be the same – she misses those smelly chemicals. Women are Cat’s main subjects because to her they have true beauty and strength. Cat has resided in northern Utah since 2001, with her artist husband, Blake.



Jena Schmidt

Jena Schmidt is a BFA student at Brigham Young University. She grew up at the base of Big Cottonwood canyon and has come to realize a symbiotic relationship with her surroundings. The abstracted landscapes depict a contemporary way of thinking about these surroundings, and revere the creations she sees daily.


Jeni Shirley

Stitched is the brain child of Jeni Shirley, who specializes in embroidered greeting cards and custom stationery. Jeni’s passion for unique and beautiful cards led her to develop her craft, and combat the over-produced sterile world that mass production has surrounded us with. Her retail line consists of cheerful and stylish designs that appeal to all kinds of people, and her custom work is tailored to specific needs. We like to think that a Stitched™ card doubles as a piece of art. Stitched is based in Salt Lake City Utah, where every single card is made. Our products are sold internationally, expanding mostly through word of mouth. Jeni actively supports other local businesses, and encourages the development of a stronger connection between local products and retailers.



Eleanor Scholz

Eleanor Scholz, a California native, has been active in the Salt Lake art scene since 2012. Much of her artwork aims to employ humor and satire in an aesthetically pleasing exploration of environmental or social concerns. She is also drawn to honest and intimate portrays of individuals as they exist to themselves, not necessarily as they appear in reality. Ultimately her hope is that through the use of whimsy she can share her observations and experience of the human condition and the world we live in, while maintaining the levity and humor that is inherent to her creation process.



Daniel Southerland

Daniel Southerland grew up in rural Utah and studied ceramics at a small liberal arts college in the midwest. After living in Mozambique, Madagascar, South Korea and Japan, he returned to Utah to pursue his dream of living in Salt Lake City. “I think most of my ceramic work has a strong yearning for connection. Some people describe them as motherly, like babies clinging to/being born from the larger pieces. The rounded forms lend themselves more to that bodily/organic sentiment. The sculptures come out of my own longing to connect and feelings of loneliness and isolation which everyone has at some point. Also, they kind of resemble some fungal growths, or like some primordial undersea creature,” Southerland.


Karen Timothy

Marvin the Malcontent Monster is written by local Utah author Karen Timothy and illustrated by Nick and Erin Potter. Marvin is a monster who wishes to be a tooth fairy instead of a monster. This is a fun and colorful tale of a child trying to figure out what he wants to be, and is great for all ages.


Caleb Workman

Caleb Workman has been drawing and painting in Utah for 32 years. Caleb grew up creating art on walls and on canvases and often uses hand made stencils. He recently began employing gunpowder as a medium. Caleb has been involved in several local mural and art events including The Urban Gallery at Neighborhood House and The 337 project, as well as The H20 Festival and Capitol Theatre’s Shoe In project.