Facilated by Levi Jackson, UMOCA Artist-In-Residence

This workshop will take a sharp look at the roll and power that ambiguity can take in photography; a medium that traditionally documents the actual will be used to create images that transcend with abstraction, removal, hiding and lying.

We will spend the first day of the two-session workshop discussing professional artists and looking at examples of artwork that use ambiguity as a catalyst.

We will also spend time talking about methods and approaches to creating photographs that say the unsaid. Lastly, we will discuss the pragmatic approach of making an ‘edit’ of our photographs in order to identify our intentions.

After the first meeting we will individually take the week to execute this process. Independently, you will make images that you feel have ambiguity and open up the viewers mind while still conveying your intentions. The second session we will look at each participants best work from the week and engage in a brief critique of the work to describe what takes place with each photograph.

The outcome of this workshop is to help photographers (amateur and professional) gain an ability to overcome literal language in photography and open their work to be more didactic while enhancing our ability to talk about photography conceptually.

Requirements for the workshop: Digital or film camera, access to computer and imaging software.

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