In 2013, UMOCA founded the Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program to assist local artists in refining their ideas and developing their careers both inside and outside of Utah. Over the life of the program, we have served 47 artists, and held as many exhibitions.

UMOCA provides support to local artists to help stimulate, advance, and empower their creative interests and commercial enterprises through the AIR program.

Why Does Utah Need an Artist-in-Residence program?

Being able to support oneself as an artist, and maintain a high-quality life through finances generated from your artwork, can and does happen all the time. It rarely happens, however, overnight. Realistically, being financially stable as an artist can take some time before a career becomes viable. An art residency can help artists hone their craft and ultimately become full-time working artists, or more simply, give them the space and tools to create great works of art without having to pay studio fees.

What is the AIR program?

The program is the only long-term artist residency in the state designed specifically for the needs of artists living in Utah. Utah artists are selected based on their artistic potential, commitment to working in a contemporary idiom, willingness to participate in a robust and intellectually engaging community of artists, and readiness to devote the time to advance their professional careers.

Why is UMOCA the Hosting Organization? 

UMOCA was established in 1931 with a philosophical emphasis on community, education, inclusion and support of artists. It is because of this 90-year legacy of dedication to working artists, that UMOCA is the ideal organization to host an art residency program. UMOCA is one of the few museums that follows the Working Artists in a Greater Economy Guidelines when establishing honoraria, ensuring that all artists are fairly and equally compensated for their work. 

What Does it Take to Run the AIR program?

The AIR program is run by Jared Steffensen, who brings a wealth of knowledge to the program as he, himself is an artist, educator, and curator. He earned his BFA in Intermedia Sculpture form the University of Utah in 2002, and his MFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006. Jared has been with UMOCA since 2009. The AIR studio space is house in the museum and the AIR and Exit Galleries are set aside for the artists to present their work at the end of their residency.

How Can You Support AIR artists? 

Each AIR artist receives a $1,000 stipend so that they can research and produce their exhibitions during their time as residence. We are always looking for generous donors to help cover these costs and support AIR artists. See our brochure, HERE.

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