Imagine Your Life Without Art


Look around your home or workspace. Do you have art on your walls?
Take it down and go ARTLESS for a week. How does it feel when you stare at the blank space? When you put the work back, you will understand the importance of art in your life.

Art evokes emotions, speaks when you cannot, and is a tool for creating dialogue around important issues of our time. Art education helps healthy brain development in youth and fosters connections between everyone’s’ lives and current world issues.

UMOCA knows the effect art and art education have on our community and we strive to ensure they are accessible to a diverse audience. With the current risk to arts and humanities funding, it is even more vital to remember how art enriches our lives and to support the arts.  With our ARTLESS campaign, UMOCA hopes to bring awareness to our community of the importance of the arts. A recent participant in Art Fitness stated, “This was a fantastic program that gave me a method to take away and apply to other contexts in a productive and enjoyable way.”

By donating to the ARTLESS campaign, you are enriching the community in which you live and ensuring that the arts continue to grow.