Contemporary Reactions: Mundane Intimacy

Alyce Carrier’s exhibit, Old Work, in the Projects Gallery has received an array of reactions, but the majority of patrons’ comments reflect on how clever and profound her work can be. By incorporating 3-D sculptures, prints, and a stop-animation film, Carrier is able to speak to viewers on many different levels.

Jodi exploring Alyce Carrier's "Old Work" in UMOCA's Projects GalleryJodi, a visitor to Salt Lake City from Albuquerque, shared her insight on Carrier’s work, specifically her feelings and thoughts regarding the stop-animation film. Her initial reactions to the film were that it is charming and invites you to watch the story unfold.

“There are things that the characters are doing—things you [might] be doing—without expecting to have an observer,” says Jodi. “It’s intimate.”

Carrier’s work, although illuminating mundane activities, has the ability to connect with the viewer at a deeper and, as Jodi mentioned, a more intimate level. It shows all of us, at the root, are human and we have emotions that are displayed in various manners.  We do daily tasks that are mundane, but they are part of life’s existence.

Alyce Carrier’s Old Work is nicely juxtaposed with the other exhibits at UMOCA. Her work is charming, humbling, and—for many—a warming experience. Carrier does a fine job of displaying human nature through her craft. View Alyce Carrier’s work in UMOCA’s Projects Gallery until January 14. For more information, visit –Alexa Rawl