Artistic Renewal: The Helper Arts and Music Festival

There is a dense history of Helper Arts and Music Festival –  a reliable annual event for the last twenty years – that sits at the intersection of artistic education and community aid. The festival symbolizes more than an arts and crafts fair, but stands as an act of resilience within a community and proves the worth of art among a county. Helper symbolizes a community of artists that reinvigorate the town and add dimension through the vessel of contemporary art.



The Helper Arts and Music Festival’s mission is to encourage progression within Carbon County through both realms of art and culture. Supporting local artists is the festival’s’ direct line to enrich the local economy while simultaneously educating and bringing forth access of art to the public, regardless of an art education or income level.


Showcasing mediums ranging from painting, sculpture, dance, and music, the festival focuses on exposing artists beyond traditional notions of ageism in art; there is a presence from a younger generation of artists, who host an annual youth art exhibition through the Art Smart classes, which are coordinated alongside the local school systems. A hands-on experience is also available at the Children’s Art Yard. The Helper Arts and Music Festival has been an annual event for the last twenty years, providing the only event in Carbon County that promotes locality within the arts. This festival transcends concepts of the frivolous and has served the community as a catalyst for reviving the once struggling town of Helper, Utah.

Bringing in locals, Utahns, and Western neighboring state citizens alike, the Helper Arts and Music Festival showcases and sells only handmade works by local artists. The open-air art market ignites the weekend of August 19th and concludes on the 21st, providing plenty of time to support Salt Lake’s neighboring county.


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