Donor Spotlight: Eva Carlston Academy

Eva-Carlston-Academy-logoThis December, it is with immense gratitude that UMOCA recognizes the continued support and partnership of the Eva Carlston Academy.


The Eva Carlston Academy helps struggling adolescent girls to find their own place in the world, along with a chance to discover what inspires and fulfills them. Through Eva Carlston’s therapy, mentorship, experiential learning, and emphasis on the arts, Eva Carlston guides students to healing and growth.


In addition to supporting UMOCA’s exhibitions and annual gala, the Eva Carlston Academy has been a steadfast partner in our same mission to expand and emphasize arts education. At Eva Carlston, students are encouraged not only to develop their artistic talents but also to express themselves through art, which can be a powerful tool to convey emotions or feelings that might be otherwise too painful or inexplicable to express verbally. Eva Carlston actively engages with UMOCA, then, by integrating regular museum visits into their student curriculums, making for a truly impactful collaboration.


Through the support, partnership, and shared goals of organizations like the Eva Carlston Academy, UMOCA is able to continue in its mission to expand its educational outreach and programming—after all, we believe that arts education is indispensable.


Our educational and community programming are made possible with your generous support.

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