Contemporary Reactions: Sometimes Art Says It Better Than Words


Jeffrey Wattles an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Kent State University, where he wrote his first book, The Golden Rule (Oxford University Press), and has a second book, Living in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness (Cascade Books) forthcoming. Last month, he visited Salt Lake City to attend the Parliament of the World’s Religions conference, and made his way to UMOCA. He found himself so moved by the exhibitions that he felt compelled to share his thoughts:


“What was so different about my experience at UMOCA was that for the first time I got modern art in a new breakthrough way. I had appreciated this and that here and there, even passionately, but I was ready for my mind to be expanded about the work of a whole generation of artists, and UMOCA delivered, by the quality of the artists they had chosen. I now understand why I have long thought of philosophy and art as partners.”

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