Contemporary Reactions: The Challenging Cinematography of “Animate V”

The tap tap of the drum from Simon Dybbroe Møller’s video, Animate V, in our Main Gallery draws people in with its constant boom.

Contemplative visitor, Taryn, was no exception remarking that, “The striking cinematography challenges you to follow it. I love that it was bilingual with two narrators and made you want to explore and watch it again like any good art piece does.”

Animate V is an advertising short of what you can do to a car – move in it, vacation in it, work in it, etc. It invigorates the senses with its quick video segments of heightened sounds, colors and textures. But you can’t simply sit and zone out while watching, it’s too hard, in fact it’s impossible.

There are works that demand to be felt, questioned and methodically thought about and Animate V certainly does so.