UMOCA Adopts Three New Artists-In-Residence

Salt Lake City, UT – The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) is pleased to accept Kyle Jorgensen, Sean Moyer and Aundrea Frahm into the fold of UMOCA’s burgeoning Artist-In-Residence (A.I.R.) program.

The A.I.R. program was introduced January of 2013 and has flourished since its creation. Developed to foster local Utah talent, residents are fortunate to receive multiple career building opportunities through support of the museum including resident led workshops for the public, special access to visiting artists and lecturers, and exhibition opportunities in the soon to be launched A.I.R. Space Gallery.

Curator of Education, Jared Steffensen, reflects on the decision by saying, “UMOCA is proud to welcome these three artists to the residency program. We are excited to add them to our community of artists knowing that their presence will enhance the ever changing dynamic of the program.”

About the Artists
Kyle Jorgensen

Jorgensen received a BFA from Idaho State University in 2010 and thereafter moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue his art practice. He has shown his talent of abstract dream-like painting, installation and drawing in several galleries across the Northwest and California such as Breeze Block Gallery, Gallery Hijinx, White Walls Gallery and LxWxH Gallery. His work has also been featured in institutions such as San Franciso’s 96 Hours and Vangaurd Seattle. He currently resides in Salt Lake’s avenues with his collection of plants.

Sean Moyer

Moyer grew up in Northern Illinois and moved to Utah to study at Weber State University. He recently graduated with a BFA in sculpture.  Moyer’s work explores the ins and outs of space around geometric forms. By approaching mundane objects with a painterly style, the objects transform into items of immense arrangements. He practices with spray paint, a form typically used in advertising and commercialism, to raise works from low to high status and explores what such acts convey to audiences.

Aundrea Frahm

Frahm is a multidisciplinary artist and art educator who is currently investigating relationships to time and it’s inescapable effects. She has also tampered with ideas relating to: the interconnectivity of the body and nature, the body and the artificial, and relationships to technology; some of which were delved into while in her undergraduate study at Brigham Young University and graduate study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has exhibited nationally and currently resides in Utah where she teaches part-time at Brigham Young University.