Site-specific Installation Art

UMOCA and Artist-In-Residence Tatiana Svrckova Larsen Presents Art Installations and Performances on the Night of Gallery Stroll

SEP 19 | 6-9 PM

In conjunction with UMOCA and under the guidance of UMOCA’s artist-in-residence Tatiana Svrckova Larsen, six local artists will create site specific performance and installation pieces throughout the downtown area of Salt Lake City as the precipice of the five week public art workshop taught by Svrckova Larsen. The work will on view at various public locations open for public during the Salt Lake City Gallery Stroll on September 19th from 6-9 pm. Featuring artists are: Lorina Tester, Justin Chouinard, Alayna Putscher, Mark Putscher, Keri Hop, Marie Duffin and Tatiana Svrckova Larsen.

Map of Locations

Lorina Tester, Bearied
Lorina’s installation uses a common object “teddy bear” from childhood that so many people put away and then, years later,  wonder where it went.

Justin Chouinard, In Memory of Leroux Ervine Royal
A eulogy, constructed rather than written or spoken, in memory of a deceased friend, the VHS tape.

Alayna & Mark Putscher, Capture the Moment
Performance (6-9 pm)
A piece showing the life of Sarah a woman taking disappointment and tragedy and turning it around and living her dream. The piece will have a live art demonstration during the event.

Keri Hop, Fragility
Keri Hop’s piece will explore fragility and resiliency.

Marie Duffin, Acceptance is a Small, Quiet Room
Interactive Installation
Marie Duffin Will be using a quote from writer called “Sugar, The Rumpus” and use it as an inspiration for her site interactive installation piece.

Tatiana Svrckova Larsen, Grip
Performance (6-9 pm)
Svrckova Larsen will execute a site-specific endurance performance where the artist is attached to her surroundings without moving for three hours.


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