Contemporary Reactions: Poetic Postcards

“It’s downright poetic!” Klaus a visitor from Austria exclaimed Thursday evening.

His eyes lit up with passion as he said this. Although only spending half-a-day in Salt Lake, Klaus decided to devote a thoughtful hour within the museum dodging the large throng of Comic Con participants waiting in a line outside the doors; deciding instead to discuss with us his favorite piece from In Motions: Borders and Migrations exhibit.

Marcos Ramírez ERRE’s Postales collection he said, “… is very poetic, the text is beautiful.” He found it particularly intriguing that the postcards were only written in Spanish. Why is that? Why supply no translation?

Klaus noted the reason was probably because it showcased a different culture and language. And those who truly wanted to understand would make the extra effort to know what it meant. They would take the time to step into another culture, perhaps foreign from their own and walk in another man’s shoes.

Let us all try to take more time in understanding works of art, rather than meander by. Let us travel with the artist and discover what he/she wants us to know. To feel what they felt and to see what they saw. Then all of us will catch a glimpse of what it feels to traverse borders.

Marcos Ramírez ERRE’s Postalesis on view as part of In Motion: Borders and Migration until September 27.