Your Take on the Art


Out of State Visit

Last week, UMOCA had the pleasure of welcoming in many out of state guests into the museum from one of Utah’s largest conventions, the Outdoor Retail Summer Market Trade Show, next door at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

One such Californian visitor, Robin, found herself wandering the museum after an OR conference in the auditorium. She was thoughtful in her approach to the art in each gallery, pausing to read and ponder what the work on display was trying to convey.

When approached about what her favorite piece was, Robin told us she enjoyed many things about all five of our exhibits. But In Motion: Borders and Migration seemed to intrigue her the most.  Being from California, the topic is very relevant to her.

“This has been going on for hundreds of years… and there has been a lot of negativity,” said the woman.

One piece that really peaked her interest was Caleb Duarte Piñon’s Dirt Wall.  Piñon’s wall resembling dirt, attempts to fill in the often-invisible conditions of the migration experience by conveying the restrictions of mobility and movement between borders.

Reflecting upon the piece she said, “There is a lot more to tell of the whole story.”

We’re all in this together to learn of the forgotten stories.

Caleb Duarte Piñon’s Dirt Wall, is on view as part of In Motion: Borders and Migration until September 27.