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Family Trip to the Museum

It’s the middle of summer and schoolbooks are nowhere in sight for many kids. In search of a place with air conditioning and lots to learn from, families have been taking trips to the art museum.

We got a visit from a family of five from Lafayette, California this week. The four giddy kids walked through the revolving door, and the father gave them a quick lesson in museum etiquette, followed by instructions on thinking about art and seeing what there is to learn from artwork.

20140718_164538“We’ve got a couple of art lovers and a couple we’re trying to convince,” the dad told me as they went into the gallery.

They spent a good amount of time analyzing the art, and I was lucky enough to hear what their favorites were.

“I liked the golden one,” said the oldest girl. “It looked pretty, and it made me think of raindrops. I liked its shadow too. I also liked the prism one. It kept spinning and spinning and spinning…” she said as she broke into giggles with her little sister.

The oldest son, after some encouragement from his father, also shared his thoughts:

“I liked the gold one too. It was cool how it had to balance. It looked like eyes.”

There’s nothing that warms the heart more than kids learning to love art.


Jeppe Hein’s Rotating Mirror Object II and Kirstine Roepstorff’s series of mobiles, Klangmenschen (Sound People), are on view as part of Bikuben until December 20.