UMOCA Announces Meridith Pingree as the 2014-2015 Art Truck Artist


It’s time for a new school year and for a new featured artist in the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art’s award-winning Art Truck. Brooklyn-based artist Meridith Pingree’s kinetic sculptures and geometric compositions will fill the truck as it travels to schools and community centers along the Wasatch Front.

Pingree, a Bountiful native and University of Utah graduate, received her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her artworks investigate patterns of human behavior through sculptures and geometric works that react to viewers’ movement.

“Meridith’s exhibit shows that art connects to students’ lives,” says Elly Baldwin, UMOCA educator and Art Truck driver. “The tour will use pattern as a jumping-off point to explore how people interact with and are influenced by math, science, and technology. I’m excited to discuss such a relevant topic with students this year.”

Baldwin will give students tours of the truck’s gallery and guide them through art theories to understand what goes into contemporary art and how to tackle the concepts within it. For those who want to take the lessons further, she will also provide lesson plans that span the k-12 range on topics such as geometric patterns and tessellations, mapping spatial patterns in your community, and creative writing.

Pingree’s artwork in the Art Truck include a sculpture that moves in reaction to people around it and two wall compositions made from zippers and aluminum. The outside of the truck will feature a drawing that combines mathematical structures like pattern and geometry with the organic.

Pingree’s work has been shown nationally and has been featured in publications such as the New York Times and Art Week.