Hear What’s Behind Glenn Weyant’s Border Music

If you’ve stopped by to see In Motion: Borders and Migrations, you’ve heard the ambient sounds of Glenn Weyant’s The Anta Project. We’re excited to announce that Weyant will visit for a Q&A to talk about his inspiration  for the piece that’s been playing in the Street Gallery for the past few months.

September 5 at 7 p.m., the Tuscon-based artist will share his experience creating The Anta Project, a sonic collage played on the US/Mexico border wall separating Nogales, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico.  Weyant played the wall and nearby fence like an instrument, using a bow, and then digitally edited and layered the sounds he created to make music.

Weyant’s transformation of a dividing wall into a unifying piece of music will be the topic of discussion, led by In Motion: Borders and Migrations contributing editors Rachel Povey and Aubrey Hawks. They will also explore Weyant’s use of time and sound to make the piece applicable to audiences beyond the site of its origin.

The Anta Project sound art is playing at UMOCA as part of In Motion: Borders and Migrations until September 27.