Sneak Peek at This Year’s Summer Camps


Gear up for a camp that shows kids the way to connect art and science with everyday life.

The theme this year is Reclaim It!, and at UMOCA and Discovery Gateway, kids will find creative ways to reuse things we might otherwise just put in the trash. Elly Baldwin, camp creator and leader, guides us through the activities kids will take part in here at the museum.

“The ideas are serious, but they’re presented in a way that kids will be able to relate to,” Elly says.

She’s packed the week with engaging activities to keep kids thinking and is preparing by collecting paper, plastic, and wood to reuse in a beautiful way.

Kids will start each day at Discovery Gateway, where they will focus on particular materials such as plastic, paper, and water, to create objects they can use at home. They’ll see the effects of recycling and get to explore the museum. When they’re done with their scientific experiments, they will take TRAX to UMOCA, guided by chaperones.

At UMOCA games, scavenger hunts, and collaborative art projects will allow kids to think deeper about the ways they interact with the environment and urban wildlife. They’ll be given sketchbooks to record their ideas and thoughts as they prepare to transform found materials into a collaborative sculpture that benefits birds living in UMOCA’s gardens.

We’re looking forward to seeing what our guests will come up with to grace our gardens, and Elly is happy to help every camper understand art and build creativity.

“I’m excited for camps because they will to show how art is relevant to things you might not expect, like recycling,” Elly says. “Art is not only a way of expression but also a way for kids to explore the world.”

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