Postales Desde El Filo




Postcards show places the way you wish they always were—glowing sunsets, pristine landscapes, and shining skylines. In artist Marcos Ramirez ERRE’s postcards, however, the reality of life near Mexican tourist destinations is carefully handwritten on the back, with an honest photo to match.

Postales Desde El Filo, (Postcards From the Edge), is part of In Motion: Borders and Migrations and contains eight postcards from the border city of Tijuana. Images of houses put together with mismatched boards, taco stands devoid of customers, and streets littered with garbage grace cards that show what everyday life is like for people who live there.

“After hearing so many negative things about this city, I realized that there are wonderful things like this and I want to share it with you,” one writer spells out on the back of a card. The front shows a street scene dominated by a billboard advertising beer and a domed building topped with a statue of Christ.

ERRE often comments on socio-economic conditions on the U.S./Mexico border. His work is on view until September 27 as part of In Motion: Borders and Migrations.