A Look at This Year’s Gala Artists

This year we selected the works of fifty local artists to be auctioned at our annual gala, and we could not be happier with the work they have done. Internationally renowned artists as well as up-and-coming artists contributed paintings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces to auction this Saturday.

For the first time we opened the bidding three weeks before the gala, and bidding is open to all. Many of the pieces are getting attention as we move closer to the event. The works are on view online and in the Projects Gallery until the gala. You can get an early look (and an early bid!) here.

The breadth of talent and creativity of each artist is what drives the success of UMOCA. Thank you for your contributions!


Meredith Aitken
Matthew Allred
Trent Alvey
John Bell
Erin Berrett
Laura Boardman
Pam Bowman
Trent Call
Charles Callis
Wendy Chidester
Brian Christensen
Caitlin Connolly
Mikel Covey
Mark Crenshaw
Blue Critchfield
Courtney Derrick
David Dornan

Paul Dougan
Stefanie Dykes
McGarren Flack
Nathan Florence
Josanne Glass
Brad Greenwell
Erica Houston
Chelsea James
Holly Jarvis
Amy Jorgensen
Kyle Jorgensen
Anne Kaferle
Calder Kamin
Marilou Kundmueller
Steven Larson
David Luhr
Rob Mellor

Rob Mellor
Kali Mellus
Anne Morgan-Jespersen
Sean Moyer
Traci O’Very-Covey
Kathleen Peterson
Jorge Rojas
Kathleen Royster
Aniko Safran
Jena Schmidt
Ben Steele
Bonnie Sucec
Sarah Thomas
Roland Thompson
Mary Toscano
Sarina Villareal
Jenna von Benedikt