UMOCA’s Art Truck Hibernates for the Winter

With the Art Truck on hiatus until the spring brings back warmer weather, take a look back at some exceptional educational moments from this fall. The Art Truck currently exhibits Calder Kamin’s artwork exploring animals that live in urban environments, which will remain on display through the spring and summer.

Kids UMOCA Art Truck











Students at Monticello Academy are eager to share their interpretations of the artwork.


Kids UMOCA Art Truck 3








Kids UMOCA Art Truck 2








Kids UMOCA Art Truck 1








Students and visitors of all ages participate in Calder’s hands-on art project, creating their own bird decals to prevent window strikes at home!


Kids UMOCA Art Truck 4







When thinking about human’s relationships with animals and the issues that may arise within those relationships, some students think it’s best to find a different perspective.


Kids UMOCA Art Truck 5 Kids UMOCA Art Truck 6











Calder’s Love Listening Stations always bring out a smile.


For more information or to request a free visit by the Art Truck to your school or organization, visit You can also contact Elly Baldwin directly at or call 801-328-4201 x122.