December Family Art Saturday

Written by Molly Evans


It’s finally December and the holiday season has begun! The snow has settled, lights are lit, and everywhere you look someone is consuming a hot holiday drink. This is a season in which we honor our family and friends and participate in holiday traditions. For the holiday season, why not make new holiday traditions and memories with Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

On December 14th UMOCA will host our monthly Family Art Saturday beginning at 2PM. This month, the theme revolves around holiday spirit in which families can create “Cards that Celebrate the Gift of Thought.” In the workshop, children and adults explore their personal artistic expression by, creating a set of three holiday cards using iconic imagery and language to send creative messages of joy and positivity. Children and adults engage in this interactive activity with not only their family but other members of the community emphasizing the spirit of the holidays.

Intern of Education, Roxi Sharif, organized the holiday Family Art Saturday and asked me to experiment the activity by devising my own set holiday cards. As she passed out the three cards I noticed they were titled specific in correspondence to holiday objects and activities. By simply looking at the word on the card I had to envision a certain picture that accurately represented the card. For instance, I had a particular card that was titled, “lights” which I had to draw a personal interpretation of what the word meant to me. I thought long and hard about a picture that could portray the theme on the card as well as encompass my personal representation of the holidays. I decided to draw my home of the Houston skyline because when I think of lights for the holidays, I always imagine the bright lights of the city and the brilliance in which they shine across the sky. Although this is not the typical holiday card imagery the card conveyed a true sense of how I personally view the holiday through a deeper artistic meaning.

Family Art Saturday combine seasonal attributes with artistic approaches to create workshops that not only engage community members but teaches them the deeper meaning of contemporary art. Just like there are different celebrations to the holidays, there is always multiple ways to look at artworks.  For this holiday season invent your own creative set of holiday cards that resonate with your family and loved ones. Come celebrate at UMOCA with Family Art Saturdays and create holiday cheer for your family to grin ear-to-ear. Also, be sure to check out the UMOCA events page to view the different holiday activities as well as future Family Art Saturdays.