Faithful Abstraction, A Walkthrough With Its Curator Adam Bateman

On the evening of September 20th guest curator; Adam Bateman was part of UMOCA’s Curatorial Walkthrough series. As an artist, curator and director of CUAC, Bateman has an untouchable knowledge about contemporary art that engrained into his everyday life Bateman to discuss the Faithful Abstraction exhibit that emphasizes the use of landscape as a stage for the spiritual narrative as well as how it has become a symbol for the Mormon Manifest destiny. People of all different ages and cultural backgrounds gathered in the exhibit to learn more about the various art pieces and expand their knowledge of contemporary art.

As the crowd gathered in the exhibit the range of different types of people there was a true test to how art speaks to all different generations. Bateman went through each art piece describing the artist and decoded how the piece was relevant not only to exhibition but also the way we look at different contemporary art pieces and their deeper purpose. The audiences of about 50 people were silently captivated; only their eyes only moved from piece to piece in full concentration and interest. Bateman explored different art pieces that ranged in multiple sizes, shapes, and various spiritual connections. As the end of Batemans discussion the audience members looked around the gallery and asked questions about their interpretation of the pieces as well as the artist’s affiliation to religious background and contemporary art. The exhibit allowed for open discussion among people with different religious backgrounds and upbringings to discuss the subject of the influence religion has these particular contemporary artworks.

This open discussion created a bond between the younger and older audiences. Both members of the audience held no judgment towards one another and did not care about different stylistic choices or conflicting opinions but remained kept the focus on the art. The Curatorial Walkthrough series continues to be a success as people were able to relate and learn about the Faithful Abstraction exhibit. Not only did it educate the public but it brought different generations of people, to feel connected and understand contemporary art..

Written by: Molly Evans