Roy Jespersen Turns 70 Years Young

During UMOCA’s popular Art Fitness program, where participants learn that they already have the capacity to understand contemporary art, there are multiple questions encouraged to be asked  when examining a piece of art. One of these questions is “How would it be different if?” I’d like to ask that question now, but of UMOCA itself.

How would UMOCA be different if Roy Jespersen were not Board President?
Where would the organization be without Roy’s passionate drive, his motivation, his unwavering support on every level? Those of us at UMOCA understand that this is not a scenario we even want to envision.  Since becoming Board President in 2012, Roy has gone above and beyond for the museum, in capacities well outside his official duties. Roy has been the driving force behind the success experienced in UMOCA’s recent fundraising achievements and board endeavors.  His hard work for the organization doesn’t stop there; he remarkably managed to increase his involvement further in the absence of an Executive Director. UMOCA’s staff is consistently impressed at how much time Roy finds to devote to UMOCA and still selflessly participates with so many other non-profits. This is a seemingly impossible feat, one that Roy accomplishes with good humor and grace (and sometimes UMOCA blue and pink socks).

Roy is somehow currently serving on six other Leadership Councils, Advisory Boards, and Boards of Directors, not just in Salt Lake City, but in the other cities he actively visits. His involvement with these organizations ranges from 4 to a nearly unbelievable 20 years each.  Roy’s devotion to his community truly highlights his deep-seated kindness, humanitarianism, and unrivaled multi-tasking abilities.

This October, this marvelous man turns 70 years young.

Roy- on behalf of everyone on the staff and board at UMOCA, and no doubt on behalf of the countless other organizations and lives you consistently impact- We hope your birthday is as exuberant and generous to you as you are to us. Thank you for all you do.