A Revisit of Forgiven By Nature Exhibit Opening

July 5, 2013- artist and architect Gianni Pettena’s heavy Italian accent did not deter him from expressing his love of architecture and nature. Before guests arrived that evening, he walked around the Street Gallery explaining pieces and sculptings to an old friend, and at times pausing to allow a photo to be taken. He even managed in between drinks and walkthroughs to pop outside and smoke a cigar, practice his speech and even perhaps his English. As the art talk began, with big hand gestures and an energetic face, each individual in attendance was drawn to him as he spoke about his works. Sometimes forgetting words in English and instead throwing out Italian ones instead, “Como se dice?” It was no matter, no one minded for he continued on, saying jokes here and there. Occasionally pausing to smoke his electric cigarette as Aaron Moulton asked him questions about Pettena’s view of how ultimately architecture succumbs to mother nature. That time is always present and transformations can happen unconsciously.

For more information on the exhibit visit https://www.utahmoca.org/portfolio/gianni-pettena-forgiven-by-nature/.