UMOCA Staff and 2013 Art Festivals

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 For Immediate Release:
June 19, 2013


UMOCA Staff Dedicated to Involvement in Arts Community

Salt Lake City, UT– Utah Museum of Contemporary Art staff shows their support for the greater Salt Lake Valley’s art community by taking part in the Utah and Park City Kimball Arts Festival.

Although there have been many changes to UMOCA in recent years, the museum and programming keeps getting better and will continue to do so. Employees are confident in the positive changes being made by showing their pride in the community around them and wanting to share that same desire with others by teaching Utah families the importance of creativity.  Being involved in the Utah Arts Festival and the Park City Arts Festival, staff is able to express their love and commitment to the arts.

The Utah Arts Festival is one of Utah’s largest art events that boasts of over 80,000 in attendance and runs from June 20 through June 23.Interim Director Maggie Willis has spearheaded the Children’s Art Yard for 8 years and once again has championed this year’s theme “Monsters and Mischief.” Marketing Director Sarina Ehrgott, will also be there as a booth juror. Other staff will be helping out at the UMOCA tent within the Children’s Art Yard making “Monster Bees,” a play off of our Family Art Saturday for May and June called, “Making a Hive.” Families together can create their very own fuzzy friend out of puff balls and pipe cleaners. All attendants are encouraged to run wild by taking part in other fantastical installations in the art yard such as the momma monsters, mini monsters, living room of monsters and silly spider webs.

Beginning in August, the 44th annual Park City Kimball Arts Festival will commence the 2nd and run to the 4th.  The festival is said to include 220 exhibiting artists, entertainment and fun for everyone. UMOCA will be present to educate and teach with our renowned Art Truck led by Elly Baldwin. Baldwin and volunteers will share the work of Carlos Rosales-Silva, a contemporary artist from Austin, TX whose paintings, photos, sculptures and drawings investigate themes of borders, diversity, and identity.

The UMOCA team is eager to spread their knowledge, continually looking for ways to be immersed in the community. Allowing others to enjoy such excitement and receive experiences that will in turn be passed along and collectively appreciated by all.

The award-winning Utah Museum of Contemporary Art exhibits groundbreaking artwork by local, national, and international artists. Four gallery spaces provide an opportunity for the community to explore the contemporary cultural landscape through UMOCA’s exhibitions, films, events, classes, and presentations. Currently featuring the inaugural ‘Utah Biennial: Mondo Utah,’ a celebration of Utah’s cultural diversity.

Founded in 1931, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art has been recognized as Best Museum in the State of Utah for 2011, 2012 and 2013 is a four-time recipient of funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation.

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