Curatorial Walkthroughs

Get a behind-the-scenes look at UMOCA’s exhibition concepts with our twice monthly curatorial walkthrough series. Each walkthrough provides an academic slant to your experience of contemporary artworks as they relate to one another in a presentation as a whole.

At the conclusion of the gallery walk, enjoy the opportunity to informally engage the curator with your questions, personal responses and meaningful discussions.

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Docent Tours

UMOCA’s docent tours are led by experienced gallery educators who interact with viewers to engage them in detailed looking, discussion, and critical thinking in a themed selection of contemporary artworks within one of UMOCA’s four gallery spaces.

This informal, family friendly tour encourages conversation and discovery.

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Stroller Tours

These monthly tours offer parents, guardians and caregivers an opportunity to experience the museum’s current exhibits with their young children in tow. Beginning before the doors open to the public, Stroller Tours are designed to ease concerns associated with talkative children and crying babies by providing an exclusive time for museum exploration and tailored, grown-up discussions free of pressure. Please remember, touching the art is not allowed. We recommend toddlers remain in their strollers.  Please RSVP to

Second Wednesday of Each Month, 9:30 AM | FREE


School Tours

UMOCA offers tours for K-12th students that provide an introduction to contemporary art and dynamic conversations in the gallery. Hands-on art making activities can be added to a tour program upon request for K-8th. Tours are led by a professional gallery educator and designed to connect with a broad array of core curricular subjects. If you’re interested in emphasizing a particular area of curriculum please specify when booking.

Tours are FREE but must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance and are limited to a maximum of 60 people. We require that you provide 1 Adult Chaperone for every 10 students.

Financial assistance for school transportation may be provided on a first come, first served basis.

Contact Elly Baldwin at 801-328-4201 x 124 for further information.

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