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Tala Madani is Awarded the 2013 Catherine Doctorow Prize for Contemporary Painting 9/28/2013 – Pillar Corrias Gallery, London

Gallery Stroll steps ahead of fall 9/18/2013 – Salt Lake Tribune
A Survey of Tala Madani’s Painted Animations 9/17/2013 – Utah Cultural Alliance

‘Creating Absence’ Twists the Ordinary 9/10/2013 – Daily Utah Chronicle

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U of U to host three of the UMOCA ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ pianos  9/4/2013 – Salt Lake Tribune

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Ogden-based O-Town Arts kicks off Locals only exhibit at SLC’s UMOCA 8/15/2013 Getting Out!

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Family Art Saturdays Begin May 12 at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art  5/6/2013 – Deseret News

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Laura Hurtado on Analogital

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“Adam Price leaving as UMOCA’s executive director” 11/04/2012 – Salt Lake Tribune

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“International piano exhibit comes to Salt Lake City” 6/16/2012 – Deseret News

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“Pianos invading downtown Salt Lake!” 6/14/2012 – ABC 4

“Art installation places pianos downtown for public to play” 6/14/2012 –

“‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ pianos hit downtown area” 6/14/2012 – KSL Radiolisten here (opens up .mp3 file).

“Salt Lake City street pianos invite public to ‘Play Me’” 6/14/2012 – Salt Lake Tribune

“Play Me, I’m Yours” 6/14/2012 – Visit Salt Lake

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“Art installation invites people to play piano in downtown Salt Lake City” 6/4/2012 –Salt Lake Tribune

“‘Casting Jesus’ to premiere at Utah Museum” 5/25/2012 -Park Record

“UMOCA Presents Casting Jesus by Christian Jankowski” 5/17/2012 – Salt Lake Magazine

CW Picks Mark Hedengren: The Invincibility Fable 5/11/2012 -Salt Lake City Weekly

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