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“Pianos invading downtown Salt Lake!” 6/14/2012 – ABC 4

“Art installation places pianos downtown for public to play” 6/14/2012 –

“‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ pianos hit downtown area” 6/14/2012 – KSL Radiolisten here (opens up .mp3 file).

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“‘Casting Jesus’ to premiere at Utah Museum” 5/25/2012 -Park Record

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CW Picks Mark Hedengren: The Invincibility Fable 5/11/2012 -Salt Lake City Weekly

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“Art notes: Kids jacked up on ‘Dew’ at the old swimming hole…” 4/12/2012 – Salt Lake Tribune

“Warhol Foundation gives UMOCA $120,000 grant” 4/7/2012 – Deseret News


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